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We represent some of the most amazing talent in the Literary Arts!


New York Times and USA Today Best Selling Author
Steena Holmes


Robert J. Sawyer                                                    Photo by Bernard Clark


Charles de Lint                                                    Photo by MaryAnn Harris


K.J. Howe                                                    Photo by Navy Nhum


Cassandra Penticoff


Miranda Oh


Eileen Cook


Humphrey Hawksley


Jim Jackson                                                    Photo by Almira Silva


Kelsey Rae Barthel


John E Marriott


Tony Phillips


Christie Stratos


Laura Lovett                                                  Photo by Rosie Moyer


A.G. Kirkham


G.W. Renshaw                                                    Photo by Joel Duncan


Edward Willett


Bruce Olav Solheim


Kelly Charron


Suzy Vadori                                   Photo by Lydia MacIntosh Photography


Sarah L. Johnson                  Photo by Danielle Johnson


Konn Lavery                                                    Photo by Nastassja Brinker


J.J. Reichenbach


Jenna Greene                                                    Photo by Tanya Plonka


Matt Mayr


When Creative Edge Publicity was founded in 2016, we immediately showed we weren’t the same as other publicity firms. We worked closely with our individual clients’ needs and goals, and pushed harder to get them noticed, and we listened.  We believe that communication is an important part of the partnership that makes each individual client successful.

We’ve worked with several news outlets, radio stations and several different organizations to meet clients goals.

“Creative Edge is one of the best publicity firms out there.  They have one of the most well rounded rosters I have worked with and they have insight on which clients would be high quality guests for my program.” Andrew Krystal, Canada Talks Sirius XM Radio

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